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A.D.D.I.C.T. Ministries

A.D.D.I.C.T. Ministries provides a unique approach to ministering to those adjusting to life outside of prison. Our ministry allows individuals to be released from prison into a disciplined, well-structured recovery program designed to support permanent life-changes, based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and the devotion to God and His Word. These individuals live as residents in our facility, Freedom House, while they go through our program. The program consists of a stringent and disciplined curriculum, including alcohol and drug counseling, family counseling, life-skills training, one-on-one mentoring, job training/placement, physical exercise and mental/emotional restoration. Government-certified GED prep course are also available to the residents. The program provides time for structured vocational and recreational involvement, which demonstrates the necessity for a well-balanced lifestyle for the residents. Our ministry facility maintains a secure environment with trained caregivers on site 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

All residents are placed on a Black-Out for the first 30 days when they come into Freedom House for the first time. This means there will be no phone calls, no visitation and no correspondence. This is to eliminate any outside distractions and help the resident adjust to the program. From then on, communication may be made via phone call by the resident. We have designated hours one day a week when residents may make phone calls. Visitation hours are also available. For more information regarding communication and visitation, please contact us at 903-316-4324

The facility of A.D.D.I.C.T. Ministries is a tobacco-free facility. We believe in cutting out ALL destructive habits immediately. We do not believe in replacing one drug with another. It is tough to quit “cold turkey”, but through our intensive support program and with God as their source of all strength, our residents have great success.

Watch the video below to get a glimpse of what daily life looks like for our Freedom House residents, and hear some of the powerful testimonies represented in our ministry!


How to Know I’m a Christian
How to Study the Bible
Attitudes I
Anger and Personal Rights II
Loving and Accepting Self III
Successful Christian Living
Growing through Failure
Christian Practices
Obedience to God
Obedience to Man
Personal Relationships
Spiritual Power and the Supernatural
Understanding the Nature of Addiction

Recreation: Weekly recreation is provided to enhance the student’s leisure and physical development.

Family Counseling: Serves to enlighten family members about addiction, validates the family’s personal feelings regarding their loved one’s addiction, and restores family members.

Life Skills: Communication, Relationship Skills, Financial Planning & Budgeting, Personal Growth, Integrity and Wisdom, Interview Skills, Long and Short-term Goals and more.

Conquering Chemical Dependency: A support group that helps residents understand the effects of mood-altering chemicals, identify character defects, enhance decision-making skills, and incorporate a Christ-centered, twelve-step model.

Video Series: Residents view biblical teachings, which provide them with spiritual and practical applications to enhance their walk with God.

 If you have any questions or a desire to come visit our ministry, please contact us or click HERE to visit our downloads.