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When the Saints Go Marching End

When the saints go marching end. then we will sin like never before.  but first the march must truly began.  Men and women of God must get back to basics, stop compromising our walk with the Lord, be bold in the Lord and in the power of His might.  Pray with structure and give hope back to a dying nation.  Let the world see that we are different and let the church stop looking like the world. Just a few words to let every know God is not dead He is still alive and that life is in us, let the Word become flesh all over again and again and again.

Director's Blog

Where does it all end

As I sit and think about the many of us that wear the tag Christian, and can’t stand the word “No”, or correction.  Did you know the the word “No” is anointed? The problem is rejection, we see correction as rejection. Then pain and hurts of unresolved issues suck the love of God out of us or prevent the Love of God to come into our hearts.  God places people into our lives to help us to grow.  Do we want to grow or do we want to have a form of godliness and deny the power that God gives to make us healed and whole?  There are many hurting people in the world of which we will never reach if we ourselves don’t get healed and realize that we are the Sons that the earth is groaning for to appear. Romans 8:18-23