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Where does it all end

As I sit and think about the many of us that wear the tag Christian, and can’t stand the word “No”, or correction.  Did you know the the word “No” is anointed? The problem is rejection, we see correction as rejection. Then pain and hurts of unresolved issues suck the love of God out of us or prevent the Love of God to come into our hearts.  God places people into our lives to help us to grow.  Do we want to grow or do we want to have a form of godliness and deny the power that God gives to make us healed and whole?  There are many hurting people in the world of which we will never reach if we ourselves don’t get healed and realize that we are the Sons that the earth is groaning for to appear. Romans 8:18-23


3 thoughts on “Where does it all end”

  1. Thank You for this post! As an Anorexia survivor, You bring up some great points to Remember here! I especially like the parallel between Correction and Rejection. Those two lines do seem to be muddled in many minds – including my own. I think the enemy likes us to Believe we are rejected by God, and so causes these “bad” feelings surrounding something Positive. I especially Love ~ “the Inner Me is no longer the Enemy”! Some Great words and Truth to let run over and over in my mind instead of of the enemy’s hurtful words. Thank You for your encouraging and uplifting words that we can use to defend ourselves in our daily walk with God! May you receive blessings of peace and joy, health and prosperity for you and Yours always!

  2. Where does it all end..that was good. This should challenge all of us to look inside, to ask ourselves who are we, who do we truly belong to and what changes are we willing to make to walk out God’s plan for our lives. Be Blessed and never get tired of doing God’s work.

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